During Covid-19, many residents are likely to use dine-in services like Uber Eats to avoid cramped restaurants and eateries. Naturally, the delivery service is popular in Japan of late. This may be due in part to the transparency of the convenient service—customers can see where the delivery staff is via GPS and determine for themselves how much longer it will be until they can eat. The app also features good-to-know details like the name of the person providing the delivery.

Twitter user Hyogonosuke (@hyogonosuke) is a new Uber Eats user. He ordered for the first time during the pandemic:

"I used Uber Eats for the first time. The GPS function showed where Takashi (the delivery staff) was. I watched it, and I was like 'Hey Takashi! You are almost there!’ ‘Wow Takashi, you are choosing that street!? You should watch out for cars!’ Finally, he rang my doorbell, and I was so moved.”

Many followers understood how Hyogonosuke felt. They reacted:

  • "I was like you! Lol. My delivery staff was Hiroshi."
  • "You are like a parent who is caring for a child while they shop for the first time.”
  • “My younger sister does this too.”
  • “I know this is hard not to do! I order Uber Eats and constantly check the delivery status using the GPS function!”
  • “It sounds fun! I want to use Uber Eats!”
  • “Wow, I didn’t know Uber Eats has this function. I want to try…! If he gets lost, though, I might cry.”
  • “I understand clearly. My husband and I were like ‘Today, Daisuke (the delivery staff) is faster thanks to his electric bicycle’ 'Today, he uses a normal bicycle. Do you think he will be OK on that hill?’”

Many people could relate to Hyogonosuke’s tweet and his feelings. Many watch their Uber Eats delivery person as closely as they would their first-born child. I guess that says a lot how seriously we take our food.

Snowed-in delivery

Some people worry whether delivery staff can find their home safely. Especially, when there is inclement weather outside. Twitter user Koshian (@danndaramoyou) posted images that captured this sentiment. Quite an artist, the internaut drew a dramatic picture of a delivery person:

"A delivery victim."

The artist drew three pictures of what probably happens occasionally to during the winter season. Indeed, imagining such a fate is somewhat sad. We should take a moment to commemorate our fallen heroes...


Followers were particularly interested in the third picture:

  • "The third picture made me laugh."
  • “Even angels can’t resist a pizza. Everyone loves pizza.”
  • "Did those angels order that pizza? "

“Patrasche, I'm so tired.”

As you can see, even angels can’t help delivery people. I feel bad for them, but this story continues:

"A delivery victim (continued)"

Twitter user Koshian (@danndaramoyou) posted these follow-up images and followers couldn’t help but have a chuckle. They reacted:

  • “There is no hope?”
  • “His boss is so cruel.”
  • “Is this a ‘black company?’”
  • “I imagine his boss saying, ‘The pizza is for customers! The motorbike is the shop’s!’ ”
  • “It’s chaos.”
  • “His boss didn’t take the store uniform. His outfit is his severance package.’
  • "His boss even took his helmet. Lol"

Indeed, delivery people have it rough, especially when the weather is bad. It's definitely necessary to appreciate the work they do during the pandemic. Who knows, maybe order an extra side for them.

By - Luke Mahoney.