"Ichiban kuji" are a type of lottery often held at Japanese convenience stores, where customers purchase a ticket at a blind draw for a chance to win a number of prizes. Last year, 7-11 Japan rolled out a number of awesome Super Mario Brothers themed goods via ichiban kuji, and this year they're not only offering more to win, but a number of Super Mario Brothers-themed food as well!

Presenting the 7-11 app at the register along with any of the following six items will enter customers in a lottery to win coupons, tote bags, or even a Nintendo Switch as part of the 7-11 Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Campaign.

Mario's Mixed Roll

Neapolitan pasta with mushrooms, croquette with a red ketchup sauce, and egg salad.

Yoshi's Green Melon Bread (Melon Cream & Whip)

Green melon bread filled with melon whipped cream.

Bowser's Fire Breathing Super Spicy Karaage Roll

Karaage fried chicken drenched in a super spicy sauce and served on a roll.

Princess Peach's Dolce (Strawberry Rare Cheese & Strawberry Jelly)

A double-layered sweet made of smooth strawberry rare cheese and sweet and sour strawberry jelly.

Super Star's Milk Agar (with Pineapple Sauce)

Milk agar combined with a yellow pineapple sauce in the shape of a Super Star.

Fire Flower Fiery Curry Steamed Buns

Red curry nikuman steamed buns.

Participating 7-11's in Japan will hold the campaign and offer the goods from Friday, February 5, 2021 - Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

By - Big Neko.