The worldwide famous Sanrio character Hello Kitty released a new detangler in collaboration with Wet Brush, developed by Nature Lab Co., Ltd.

The brushes are available nationwide at many stores in Japan, including drugstores, but can also be purchased online.

The collaboration between Wet Brush, which is known worldwide and is one of the best-sellers of professional brushes in the US, and Hello Kitty will bring us a cute, pop design that promises to make our hair 100% happy.

This brush is perfect for those who worry about split ends, damaged hair, or hair loss. Not only is it efficient, but the appearance also looks adorable, and it is irresistible for Sanrio’s Hello Kitty fans.

The limited-edition brushes come with three prints and are ideal for any hair.

It also has a comfortable design, so it is easy to hold, and even the most tangled type of hair will stand no chance against it.

Thanks to the IntelliFlex bristles, there will be less damage, less breakage, less effort, and most importantly, healthier hair.

Healthier hair means happier hair.

It is also gentle to the scalp due to the Ultra Soft Polytips (a soft, fluffy cushion) and leaves your hair shiny and looking glossier than ever without even applying any treatment. All you need to do for smoother hair is gently brush it with the Detangler.

The three patterns available for sale are:

1. Detangler Hello Kitty Under my Umbrella

The design under my umbrella looks very chic. Its color is white, but it has many characters printed on it. You can spot also spot Kitty with her cute umbrella in several places on the brush.

2. Detangler Hello Kitty Bubble Gum

Bubble gum has a beautiful mint color and a print of Hello Kitty inside a bubble gum jar surrounded by many sweets.

3. Detangler Hello Kitty Original

The Original pattern has a pink color and a print of Kitty together with the words Hello Kitty written below.

One brush costs 1,540 yen, and I believe it is a good purchase for those who care about their hair care and are looking for an effective detangler with a cute design.

Wet Brush Official Website

By - cinnamonellie.