Luxury hotel The Okura Tokyo, located in the Toranomon area, has launched a new dessert menu in collaboration with Pierre Marcolini, who was named "Best Pastry Chef in the World" in 2020 by the World Pastry Stars jury.

From the 1st of February to the 31st of March, the customers will be able to enjoy a new Valentine’s Day limited-edition sweets at the Chef’s Garden on the 5th floor of The Okura Prestige Tower.

Together with the Valentine’s Day products, the series will also include a limited-edition dessert, Silver Heart Coffret ed.2021.

The new item includes seven chocolates, and it will be on sale at the Chef’s Garden; also available to purchase online.

It costs 3,000 yen (without tax).

The chocolate box has the shape of a heart, and on the top of it, you will discover the hotel's and the chocolatier's names: The Okura Tokyo and Pierre Marcolini.

The chocolates also have the names written on them, and below, you can see what flavors each of them are(see image above for reference):

  • 1. The Okura Tokyo ORIGINAL MILK / カメルーン&エクアドル ミルク/ Kamerūn & Ekuadoru Miruku
  • 2. The Okura Tokyo ORIGINAL MATCHA / 抹茶ホワイト Matcha Howaito
  • 3.  PALET OR FONDANT / パレ オール フォンダン
  • 4.  PIERRE MARCOLINI GRAND CRU / ピエール マルコリーニ グラン クリュ
  • 5.  COEUR FRAMBOISE / クール フランボワーズ
  • 6.  ANIMAUX CARAMEL / アニモ キャラメル
  • 7.  ESCARGOT / エスカルゴ

The Okura Tokyo offers a variety of chocolate-themed sweets for this Valentine’s Day, and here are some of the limited-delicacies that you can buy this year:

1. Okura Original Assortment by Pierre Marcolini (オークラオリジナルアソート)

It is a unique box of chocolates, beautifully designed, including chocolates in the shape of hearts and chocolates with the hotel's logo written on the top.

Prices: 5 pieces 2,000 yen/ 9 pieces 3,500 yen / 15 pieces 5,400 yen ※You can only purchase nine pieces at the online store

2. Terroir Chocolat (テロワール・ショコラ)

The Terroir Chocolat is a mix of mild and dark chocolate flavors. It also has a sour-sweet flavor given by the raspberries.

It has an elegant appearance, based on one of Okura’s designs: the rhombus fern motif.

Price: 850 yen

3. Chocolate Pie (チョコレートパイ)

The chocolate pie has a generous amount of chocolate custard and is one of Okura’s classic recipes passed down from generation to generation.

It has a light, soft texture and a rich cocoa flavor.

Price: Cut: 520 yen / Whole: 4,000 yen ※Reservation required for the whole chocolate pie

4. "Pain au chocolat" (パン・オ・ショコラ)

The Pain au Chocolat has a well-balanced taste and is rich in flavor, with a crispy texture.

Price: 370 yen 

5. Amarena Chocolata (アマレーナ・ショコラータ)

The Amarena Chocolata has a mix of soft and moist cocoa and chocolate chips and a gentle taste, making it a perfect treat for afternoon tea time.

Price: 500 yen ※Limited time sale: February 1st-28th, 2021

6. Chocolat Paozi {ショコラ包子(パオズ)}

Made of thick and hot chocolate and a fluffy yet chewy ganache.


Price: 1,200 yen


 * All prices do not include tax.

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