From Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice, the catchy heart motif Galentine series is now available!

Samantha Thavasa is a famous Japanese brand for women, recognized for its fun and stylish designs.

The Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice has a trendy lineup and is a brand featuring small items such as wallets, makeup bags, cases, etc.

Stylish coordination inside your bag, too! is their principal concept, and now the brand has also launched a fashionable Valentine collection for girls.

It all came from the idea Gal + Valentine = "Galentine," so the theme is all about celebrating and appreciating the ladies.


"Galentine" is in fact a word born from a scene in the award-winning American comedy TV series, Parks and Recreation (2009-2015).

One of the sitcom’s characters, Leslie Knope, defines this day of celebrating lady love and friendship as being the best of the year.


The word buzzed on the internet, and many women started celebrating it on the day before Valentine’s Day, on February 13th.

The Galentine series focuses on a fashionable and cute heart motif, and the lineup has 14 series of items featuring pink and red hearts.

The products in this collection range from wallets to AirPods and lip pouches and all look stylish so they can make a perfect gift for you or the ladies in your life.

Below you can see some of the items featured in the Galentine series:

1. Heart Motif Clasp Wallet

This wallet with a clasp has a design with hearts on its base and a thin gusset.

It comes in three colors and is a perfect wallet for people who prefer the cashless payment method.


  • Long type of wallet: 22,000 yen
  • Middle-size wallet: 19,800 yen
  • Small Pass case: 14,850 yen

2. Lollipop Heart Zipper Charm

It has initials designed in a lollipop pattern and makes a perfect gift for Galentine Day.

Price: 3,300 yen

3. Heart motif Coin Case

The coin case can also be used as a bag charm and can make a great pair look with your best friend.

It comes in two colors and costs 7,700 yen.

4. Embroidered lip pouch

The mini pouch works marvelous for the necessities such as lip gloss or eye drops, and it also has a mirror on the inside, which makes it convenient when you want to quickly fix your makeup.

It comes in two colors and costs 7,150 yen.

5. Heart Arrow Bag Charm

The design is adorable, and it comes in two colors.


Price: 4,950 yen


6. Embroidered flat pouch

It comes in pink and red and also has a storage space in the back.

Price: 5,500 yen

7. Heart Locket Bag Charm & Mini Mirror

The items have a nostalgic feel to them and are also adorable.

  • Bag charm Price: 5,500 yen
  • Mini mirror Price: 4,950 yen

8. Heart motif smartphone shoulder pouch

The mini pouch for the smartphone comes in two colors and costs 7,150 yen.

9. Heart motif key chain

This key chain has a ribbon attached on top of the hearts and would look adorable on your bag.

Price: 6,050 yen

10. Handkerchief set sheer pouch

The 6,600 yen handkerchief set includes a handkerchief with a cute heart pattern and a pouch for it.

11. Frilled tote bag

This bag has frills, ribbons, comes in two colors: pink or red, and would make a great accessory to a spring outfit.

Price: 8,250 yen

12. AirPods case

The case is three-dimensional and has the shape of a heart.

It comes in three colors and costs 5,500 yen.

* All prices mentioned above include tax.

For more information and for purchasing the items online, check the Galentine Collection Official Page.

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