In the Studio Ghibli universe, cats are never simply just cats — they always have their own stories and personalities, and in the case of ‘The Cat Returns’, they even have their very own kingdom. Both cat lovers and non-cat lovers alike are sure to fall in love with the furry feline characters that have graced our screens thanks to their movies.

Recognizing this appeal, Donguri Republic, the Studio Ghibli merchandise specialty store, is releasing a new collection themed after the different cats that have appeared in Ghibli movies over the years. They’re kicking it off with new merchandise that features Jiji, the supportive, lovable black cat from ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’, and Moon, a free-spirited feline that appeared in ‘Whisper of the Heart’ and in ‘The Cat Returns’.

The first lineup has three different items included, a coin purse (3,200 yen), an eyeglass pouch (2,700 yen) and a metro card holder (2,300 yen). All three items have similar designs and are priced the same for both Jiji and Moon versions.

You can find the new cat items along with other Studio Ghibli merchandise through a Donguri Republic branch in Japan or through their online store (shipping is currently only available within Japan).

By - Jen Laforteza.