Japanese snack brand Calbee has had its share of surprisingly-flavored potato chips. We've seen everything from chips flavored with nattoh (fermented soybeans), squid and carrots, and even ehōmaki (thick sushi rolls eaten on the Spring equinox festival of Setsubun).

However, their latest two flavors come so far out of left field that even the most jaded Japanese snack food lovers are sure to do a double-take:

Blueberry Gum and Ume Gum Flavor Potato Chips

That's no mistake. You saw the word Blueberry on the package. And 梅 (ume) in the package next to it, for those who aren't familiar with it, means Japanese plum.

Calbee, Inc. has teamed up with Lotte Corporation to produce these unique chips that recreate the taste of their long-selling "Blueberry Gum" and "Ume Gum", to be sold exclusively at Don Quijote, APiTA, and Piago stores nationwide from February 15th, 2021.

According to the press release, Calbee "wanted to create a product that would make customers excited and wonder what it would taste like." Indeed, wonder we do...

Blueberry Gum Flavor Potato Chips

These chips recreate the sweet and sour taste of Lotte's popular "Blueberry Gum", which has been on the market since 1982, and the refreshing aroma of blueberries.

Ume Gum Flavor Potato Chips

These chips recreate the refreshing Japanese flavor of plum and shiso from Lotte's popular Ume Gum, which has been on the market since 1976.

Each package contains 50 grams of chips and is currently set at "open price," although it is expected to be around 120 yen inclusive of tax. Quantities are limited so you can only get them while supplies last (expected to be around the end of March 2021).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.