BT21, the super cute LINE characters created by K-pop group BTS, are returning to Japan again with a revamped menu for their always popular BT21 Cafe. The theme this time around is ‘Pink Candy Shop’ meaning the themed dishes will be even sweeter than before.

The eatery’s cute interior will also be adorably decorated in line with the candy shop theme, meaning cute photo opportunities abound. Unlike other cafe’s where certain characters are assigned to certain menu items, at the BT21 Cafe you can order your fave dish and add your chosen character to it.

BT21 Cafe Menu 2021

Even the main dishes look like desserts, like the lollipop-shaped omelette rice.

The sandwich is decorated with a sweet wrapper.

And the pasta has colourful ‘assorted candy’ in it.

The desserts are particularly pretty thanks to the candy theme, decorated with plenty of cotton candy and sweets assortments.

The hotteok (Korean pancake) dish comes with cotton candy.

The cotton candy waffle sandwich is also pink and cute.

The character mug cakes that appeared at the autumn cafe are back again but this time the choices are very spring-appropriate with matcha and strawberry options. The character mug of your choice can also be copped and taken home for 1350 yen.

There’s some refreshing soft drinks on offer too.

And adorable latte art in a strawberry latte or cafe latte.

Those who book ahead will receive an original card at random adorned with an adorable illustration of one of the characters, and each drink order comes with a cute coaster.

There’s plenty of other awesome merchandise to get your hands on too, from small trinkets like badges and keychains, to stationery and bags.

The pop-up cafe will be appearing from 4th March until 11th April 2021 at SHINJUKU BOX cafe&space, Shinjuku Lumine Est. Check out the website to reserve online!

By - Jess.