Spring in Japan is a time when aromas of cherry blossom waft through the air. In recent years, the scent of sakura has come to blend with the heady fragrance of coffee, as Starbucks flood the market with spring coffee goods. This year is no different, as the leading coffee chain in Japan is releasing a blizzard of pink packaged spring coffees to celebrate sakura season.

Having already staked their claim to convenience store shelves with a cherry blossom, vanilla and strawberry jelly latte, Starbucks are launching a collection of spring coffees that you can enjoy at home. Set to hit stores on February 15th, this instant collection gives you the opportunity to savor an early taste of spring indoors before the extended state of emergency in Japan comes to a close. Check out the contents below!

Starbucks Strawberry Sakura flavored instant latte (sachet/ capsule type)

This latte is bursting with flavors that let you enjoy the flavor of spring as well as packaging decorated with the symbolic cherry blossom motif that pays respect to the traditional Japanese sense of the season.

The Strawberry Sakura Latte is bursting with the flavors of strawberry and cherry that compliment the rich, bitter flavor of coffee made from 100% Arabica beans.

The Strawberry Sakura Latte comes in two variations. The first is the "Starbucks® Premium Mix", an instant stick type coffee to which you can simply add hot water. Or you can enjoy an equally premium experience with a capsule to be used exclusively in the "Nescafe Dolce Gusto" coffee maker.

Starbucks Spring blend (beans and origami-drip bag type)

Second only to the budding sakura tree in heralding the arrival of Spring is Starbucks’ iconic Spring blend coffee. Releasing again this year, cafes, supermarkets and online websites will soon be sporting that rich, cherry blossom pink package that signals the changing seasons.

Starbucks spring blend is a gorgeous coffee, blending Latin American and East African beans to produce flavor like milk chocolate sweetened with orange. It’s perfectly balanced and suited to a season that marks new beginnings and renewal, in this case of our caffeine addictions.

You can pick up these beans in a bag, or packs of Starbucks Origami-Drip Coffee filters for that one cup pour over experience.

Starbucks are also releasing a limited edition spring motif reusable cup that comes with a single Origami-Drip bag. This is worth picking up if you want to experience the spring feeling throughout the year when you take your filter coffee break.

Starbucks Spring coffee & seasonal goods set

For fans who can’t bear to be without their favorite bean, Starbucks are bundling together their Spring collection coffees with a special sakura picnic blanket that is ideal for cherry blossom viewing. The Starbucks Seasonal Spring Collection comes with the following:

  • 4 bags of Starbucks Origami-Drip Spring Blend Coffee
  • Starbucks original reusable spring cup
  • Original design Starbucks spring blanket

The Starbucks spring collection coffees and goods are available for pre-order right now:

By - Toby M.