If Japan is the land of kitschy things you didn’t know you needed but somehow kind of want to have now, then Village Vanguard is the store that lets you fill this desire. Their products are quirky and all sold in good fun; it’s the kind of store where you’ll find something for everybody.

Their latest quirky product is a figure of a giant isopod that’s meant to keep the paper lid of your cup ramen closed and keep it warm. It’s made out of resin and the isopod’s ‘legs’ have a dual purpose of helping you keep the lid tightly shut and holding your chopsticks for you.

A giant isopod might sound like an odd choice to make a kitchen accessory out of, but this isn’t even Village Vanguard’s first giant isopod-inspired product. In 2017, they released a backpack shaped like an isopod, and searching for the Japanese word for giant isopod (ダイオウグソクムシ) on their website turns up plushies of this deep sea creature in varying styles and cuteness.

Priced at 3,300 yen, the giant isopod cup ramen lid weight is sold out on Village Vanguard’s online store as of this writing, but those interested in buying them from Japan can sign up to receive an email when they restock here.

By - Jen Santelices.