As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our live, many stressed out residents are in need of some new entertainment. Instagrammer nowchimachan is helping followers relax by talking about her life and how she deals with her personal struggles. Recently, the artist posted this three-part post:

"(People who are big-boned):

  • 1. Even though I lose weight, I can’t have the body of a slender girl. (I’m buff!)
  • 2. I'm often asked ‘Are you a swimmer?’ (But I don’t even play sports)
  • 3. I don’t look cute in a large hoodie. (My shoulders are so big it defeats the purpose).”

Her followers could sympathize with this episode. They reacted:

  • “I can’t pull off hoodies either. Or jackets. There is still too much space even if I put eight parakeets on my shoulders… (crying)”
  • “My school nickname was ‘Shoulders.’”
  • “This is exactly me, since the day I was born...”
  • “When I try clothes on, the shoulders are always tight.”
  • "When I was on the train, I saw the reflection in a window of a thin girl sitting next to me. I realized she was half my size, and I became depressed. Lol."
  • “My body fits a man’s hoodie. So, I’ll never be able to say ‘I’m wearing my boyfriend’s hoodie.’ Lol”
  • “My back is like an old man’s.”
  • “When I meet a guy for the first time, they often ask me ‘Do you practice martial arts?’ Lol.”

It seems nowchimachan’s pictures represent what a lot of people online experience in their lives. She also uploaded these four illustrations in a post which was widely-viewed:

"(My diet never took)

  • 1. I keep saying 'Today is my cheat-day.’ (Cheat-days can be helpful for dieting successfully!)
  • 2. I often say 'Today, I will reward myself!’ (I worked hard all week!, I cleaned my room! And…)
  • 3. Before my period! (I can’t live up to my diet!)
  • 4. I should eat a lot on weekends and try hard to diet during the week! (That's why I should eat my fill today!)”

Many readers related to this post. They understood nowchimachan’s situation and reacted:

  • “This is me, exactly! Lol.”
  • “I’m saying ‘I will diet from tomorrow’ after overeating everyday...”
  • “Everyday is a cheat-day for me. After one period ends, I immediately consider the timeing to be 'before my next period, so...' "
  • “That’s my monthly routine.”
  • “This is me since I was born.”
  • “I’m around 30. But I still say ‘It’s a growth spurt, so I need to eat.’ ”
  • “If you're too strict with your diet, you’ll gain weight from stress. So I just eat. Lol."

nowchimachan posts illustrations for those who fill uncomfortable about their bodies. Many readers were encouraged thanks to her work.

A self-love video

nowchimachan’s message has a cross-platform appeal. She also made a video for girls who lack self-confidence. In it, she discusses three things that anyone affected by a negative self-image can do to help themselves:

Briefly, the influencer reminds viewers:

"(Even though you are feeling depressed, things aren’t that bad). Don’t forget to:

  • 1. Pat yourself on the back
  • 2. Don't judge yourself based on the people around you
  • 3. Make small or easy goals and take action."

She also admits that she was bullied while she was a student. Those times, she would often look in the mirror and cry. However, she reminds, after bad experiences, viewers can become stronger. Naturally, her positive message was well-received. 16,670 people watched this video and reacted:

  • “I cried watching this video. You really encouraged me. I understand how to face my low self-esteem. I’ll put in the little by little.”
  • "Your message is so kind. You warmed my heart.”
  • “I cried. I realized I should love myself.”
  • “This video is exactly what I needed. I cried after watching it.”
  • “This video saved me. Thank you so much nowchima.”
  • “I’m lucky I could watch this video today.”
  • “I don’t know how I can tell you, but this video saved me and taught me a lot.”
  • “I like that you said, ‘You get a perfect score from the day you were born.’ It’s so nice to hear, and it makes me happy. Thank you.”

Indeed, now more than ever, it’s easy to feel how life can be hard and bring people down. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen. It’s nice to see young influencers raising their voice and using their unique messages to remind viewers that they can still be happy.

If you'd like to read more of nowchimachan's works, you can follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

By - Luke Mahoney.