Citizens of Japan work hard. Weekday jobs often run overtime, and rush-hour trains in the morning and evening are typically crowded with exhausted business people. On the other side of the domestic equation, mothers of young children usually experience days full of caretaking and household duties. In short, there are very few moments to catch your breath.

Perhaps, that's why taking a bath in Japan is practically elevated to an art form. Bathhouses like world-famous Dogo onsen incorporate breath-taking structures that are quientessentially Japanese. Bathhouses are often so aesthetic that transforming them into art exhibits actually makes sense—see what I mean.

Yet, whether you are an art aficionado or a workout-obsessed muscleman, the primary goal of a bath is the same worldwide—relaxation. This means taking your time at a public bathhouse or while enjoying a sensual experience at home in Japan. For instance, many residents add bath salts or yuzu fruit for aromatic relaxation before bed. Others, as we've covered before, opt for a more—ahem—stimulating experience. Regardless, a refreshing soak is how most choose to wind down after a long day before turning in for the night.

Trying to relax

However, like everything in life, children have a way of changing things. Recently, manga artist Oyama (@oyamaoyadayo) uploaded a post on Twitter detailing how difficult it can be to relax with children, even when taking a family bath.

Reproduced with permission from Oyama (@oyamaoyadayo)

Reproduced with permission from Oyama (@oyamaoyadayo)

Indeed, lifestyles change once kids enter the picture. Fortunately for Oyama, she has family who can help with the burden of raising young children.

Readers of the manga responded:

  • “Such sympathetic words from your sister. It’s nice to know someone understands how you feel.”
  • “Your sister is wonderful. Hopefully, she will help you put them to bed too.”
  • “I know exactly what you mean. Bath time is the most exhausting.”

If you can relate to Oyama’s experience, you can find more manga pieces like the one above posted on her Twitter page. Check them out!

By - Luke Mahoney.