Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that allows you to experience a virtual space by wearing special goggles.

As this technology is continuously improved upon, the graphics come ever closer to a real-life experience.

Some of you may have even tried out VR through video games.

My Personal Experience with VR

My best pal is a gamer and when I asked him what he’d been up to lately, he replied, “Lots of beat saber.”

I was a bit surprised… and I’d never heard masturbation referred to as “beat saber,” but I knew he’d recently purchased VR goggles so I made the connection and told him he should get out more.

But then he invited me over, “You should try it out man.”

Perhaps he realized the double entendre and so he sent me a video to show me what he was really talking about.

To my relief, Beat Saber was a VR game where you chop blocks with laser swords in time with the song, similar to games like Guitar Hero or Dance, Dance Revolution.

Needless to say, I did join him for a few rounds of Beat Saber and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Yoshi’s Grandma

Recently Yoshi (@Yoshi6054) handed over his pair of VR goggles to his grandma and asked her to give it a go.

Reproduced with permission from Yoshi. (@Yoshi6054)

Reproduced with permission from Yoshi. (@Yoshi6054)

From his grandma’s open mouth, I’d say she was taken aback by the sights she stumbled upon.

After her first taste of the VR world, she couldn’t help but tell her grandson,

I don’t need to go on trips anymore.

Yoshi posted the episode on Twitter and people reacted positively, with the images gaining over 105K Likes!

Users said, “It warmed my heart,” “I think this kind of usage is wonderful,” and “I wish I could let my mother experience this too!”

According to Yoshi, his grandmother has always loved trying new things and is very open-minded. So it’s not wonder she was able to enjoy her first VR experience.

This just goes to show that you can enjoy and be moved by new things no matter your age.

She looks pretty good in those Toy Story glasses too!

By - Mujo.