Any hardcore Studio Ghibli fan will recognise this moving scene in an instant. It portrays the main character of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, when she walks through the Ohmu’s golden feelers which look like a shining golden field. The producer of this charming recreation obviously put a lot of work into the Nausicaa figure, adding plenty of detail to her blue dress, but it’s the genius behind the setting which has caught attention.

Upon a closer look, it’s pretty obvious that this golden field of feelers is actually fur. But many didn’t realise until looking at the second photo who this fur belongs to.

Source: nekono_paw

Turns out cats can actually make pretty good backgrounds when recreating iconic anime scenes. This cat, called Nyanta, seems to have the perfect coloured fur for this Ghibli tribute.

The owner says that the cat was sunbathing at the time which is why he was particularly chilled out and had gorgeous, shining fur.

The original tweet even contains a clever reference to the film’s prophecy, ‘clothed in blue robe, descending onto a golden field’, replacing the ‘golden field’ with ‘golden cat’. The photos were a hit on Twitter, garnering comments praising the imagination of Nyanta’s owner, and the cooperative cat himself.

If you want to see more adorable photos starring Nyanta, check out the owner’s Twitter page!

By - Jess.