Krispy Kreme Japan put other countries to shame with their super cute doughnut offerings, and they seem to have an adorable animal-inspired treat for every occasion. Their New Year’s premium doughnut starred a cow in reference to the Year of the Ox, and now they're releasing a special spring offering.

Spring is one of the most exciting times of the year in Japan as everyone pauses to appreciate the gorgeous floral displays of sakura blooming, and various vendors follow suit coming up with pretty and pink eats for people to take on their 'hanami' picnics.

For Krispy Kreme Japan, their spring doughnuts star rabbits as the seasonal representative, probably in reference to the Easter Bunny and springtime animals in general. There’s two on offer, but they can only be copped at the Krispy Kreme located inside the JR Nagoya Takashimaya department store. This location is home of the ‘Krispy Kreme Premium’ series, a lineup of limited-time-only, luxury, handmade doughnuts.

The ‘Sakura Rabbit’ has a white chocolate coating drizzled with sakura sauce and chocolate shavings. The whipped cream bunny in the middle is hiding even more cherry blossom goodness in the form of a sakura-flavour filling.

It’s not as spring appropriate, but chocoholics will want to opt for the ‘Choco Rabbit’, which consists of a chocolate flavour doughnut with a white chocolate coating, swirled with dark chocolate and sprinkled with almonds. Even the cream rabbit is chocolate flavour, and a Belgian chocolate filling is the finishing touch.

Both doughnuts are perfect not only for cherry blossom season, but White Day and Easter too! If you happen to be hopping on over to Nagoya this spring, the doughnuts will be around from 15th February to late March 2021, costing 330 yen each.

By - Jess.