A beauty regime is important during winter to keep your face moisturised, but this pet owner has found another creative use for sheet masks. It seems that they can make a great impromptu cosplay accessory for a black Labrador, as an instantly recognisable Studio Ghibli character.

The dog, called Oti, became a big hit on Twitter, garnering over 200 thousand likes and 50 thousand comments under the photos, saying how adorable and funny he looks. The comments flooded in, proclaiming that he looks just like No-face (or Kaonashi) from Spirited Away.

Source: @p1um3ang

The white sheet mask against his black fur does remind one of the creepy character, but it’s safe to say that Oti is much, much cuter. He does look quite confused though.

As you can see, all this skincare has done Oti the world of good, and there isn’t a single wrinkle in sight!

Source: @p1um3ang

Of course, we’re just joking, so please don't put wet sheet masks on your pets! This sheet mask had probably already been used and was dried out, making it safe for Oti.

The original tweet has a load of funny comments comparing Oti to various famous lookalikes, so check it out on the owner’s Twitter profile!

By - Jess.