Spring is all about flowers. In Japan, that traditionally means cherry blossom. The ephemeral trees bloom for a mere three or four days, capturing the attention of the nation, and even making national headlines. However, this overshadows the whole potpourri of delightful flowers that bloom in spring. Reminding us of just this fact is Japan’s most exciting artisanal coffee retailer, whose latest latte celebrates the many scents and flavors of spring.

Sarutahiko Coffee will release a limited edition Flower Strawberry Latte and Flower Strawberry Milk from February 15th until March 31st. The drinks are flavored with a special type syrup that blends 5 types of flower: elderflower, damascus rose, hibiscus, lavender, and red rose petals. The rich floral bouquet is combined with steamed milk, strawberry and mascarpone sauce, and is topped off with pink whipped cream to create a fragrant beverage that exudes the scent and sight of spring.

The Flower Strawberry Latte also adds a shot of espresso that creates a beautiful blend of bitter coffee and floral sweet notes from the syrup and sauce.

The Flower Strawberry Milk, which doesn’t contain any coffee, is sweeter in flavor and takes on a distinctive spring-like hue from the strawberry and mascarpone sauce which can be appreciated in a clear latte glass.

Flower Strawberry Beverage Details

Product name: Flower Strawberry Latte (hot / ice)

  • Prices (excluding tax): Short ¥ 520 / Tall ¥ 590 / Grande ¥ 660
  • Sale period: February 15th (Monday) - March 31st (Wednesday), 2021

Product name: Flower Strawberry Milk (hot / ice)

  • Prices: Short ¥ 470 / Tall ¥ 540 / Grande ¥ 610
  • Sale period: February 15th (Monday) - March 31st (Wednesday), 2021
  • Sale location: on sale in all stores (excluding Mameya Annex, Oquinho by Sarutahiko Coffee)

Sautahiko’s White Day themed spring blend coffee

In addition to the speciality steamed milk beverages, Sarutahiko Coffee are also releasing a special blend of coffee for spring which is themed around White Day.

The “White Candy Blend” seeks to express the fun feelings of White Day and spring with cute and playful packaging and a pleasant mouthfeel from the coffee.

The coffee is a mix of Ethiopian coffee beans and Costa Rica's 2020 National Coffee winner's high-quality beans "Rivense-Los Cipresses 2020nw". This coffee is floral and elegant, with blueberry and red grape-like flavors, and a smooth mouthfeel that melts on the tongue like candy.

In addition to providing drip coffee in store, Sarutahiko will sell this coffee in specially designed rip bags that feature adorable animal illustrations. The packaging emphasises that this is a coffee full of fun, bringing hope and enjoyment from brewing and through every sip.

White Candy Blend Details

  • White Candy Blend / Drip Coffee (1 bag) - ¥ 540 (excluding tax)
  • White Candy Blend / Drip Coffee (5 bags) - ¥ 926 (excluding tax)
  • White Candy Blend / Coffee Beans - ¥ 900/ 100g (excluding tax)
  • Sale period: February 15th (Monday) to March 14th (Sunday), 2021
  • Sale location: on sale online and in all stores (excluding Mameya Annex, Oquinho by Sarutahiko Coffee)
  • Online Store

By - Toby M.