Spring is around the corner, and to welcome its arrival, Shake Shack has once again unveiled the spring limited-time edition sakura-inspired drinks.

Shake Shack has been selling seasonal drinks and flower-inspired beverages for a while now, and this spring, they took inspiration from the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan.

This sakura season, the store came up with three new sakura-inspired drinks to go with your burgers: one non-shake and two Shakes.

Here are the options you can pick from this season:

1. Sakura Lemonade

It is the first time Sakura Lemonade will be on sale in Japan, and for those who are not big fans of shakes, this drink might be your perfect choice on the spring menu.

Even though it is supposed to be a Shack-ura, this beverage is not a shake, but a lemonade, as you probably figured out already by reading its name.

It has a delicate flavor with sakura accents and a refreshing sweet-sour taste given by the cherry puree.

Appearance-wise, it has a strong, pink color and a sakura motif cup worth putting on your social media.

I am a big fan of anything that says limited-edition, and this drink is unmistakeably one of the must-try of this season.

It also looks instagrammable, and most importantly, it sounds delicious!

Sale period: February 10th - April 15th

Price: 520 yen(+tax); available in one size at all 12 Shake Shack branches in Japan.

2. Shack-ura Shake / Sakura Shake (桜シェイク)

The Shack-ura Shake is a combination of sakura-flavored syrup and milk, with a base of frozen custard.

It is slightly salty, but the creamy vanilla and the gentle sakura flavors bring it the perfect balance.

It might make you think of sakura mochi after having a taste.

Sale period: February 10th - March 17th

Prices: Small size: 540-yen, Regular size: 710 yen (+ tax)

3. Cherry & Shack-ura Shake / チェリー&桜シェイク

I think you can say that the Cherry& Shack-ura Shake is a more refreshing updated version of the Shack-ura Shake. 

Besides the Shack-ura Shake’s ingredients, it also has cherry puree mixed inside, leaving a sweet-sour flavor.

Sale period: March 18th - April 15th


Prices: Small size: 590-yen, Regular size: 760 yen (+ tax)

If you decide to go for a seasonal drink at Shake Shack, I recommend trying out their famous shack burger, too.


It would be a good match for the Sakura Lemonade appearing during this season.

All drinks are available at all 12 branches.

The last two shakes will appear around the period when the sakura are in full bloom, so you should aim for that if you are planning to take some spring photos for your Instagram.

By - cinnamonellie.