In autumn, many in Japan take time to admire koyo, or the changing leaves of the fall. The great scenery sure is lovely background to sit back and enjoy a drink to, which may be the inspiration behind the new "Madoromu Sake Cup - Autumn Leaves" cups. The stylish sake cups change color much like their autumn leave theme based on temperature.

The "Madoromu Shukubi" series of sake cups uses a special transfer technology that causes the autumn leaves illustration featured on the exterior to change color at the temperature of below 16 degrees Celsius, making it a perfect cup for chilled sake.

The tin and copper cups depict autumn leaves dancing in the autumn breeze and the moon in the late autumn sky. While they are intended to serve cold sake, they can be a stylish drinking companion for any chilled beverage.

The Madoromu sake cups are available to order for 5,500 yen.

By - Big Neko.