The Japanese confectionery store Suehiroan (末広庵) founded in Kawasaki started delivering their popular product かりんとうまんじゅう “Karintō Manjū” on February 8th.

The store’s concept is to deliver the original taste of Japanese sweets; therefore, they use carefully selected ingredients and always aim to improve their taste.

Suehiroan values the Japanese food culture, including the seasonal dishes and treats, so they are also particular about the seasonal ingredients.

They also try to refrain from using food additives as much as possible, and some of the ingredients they use in their products are:

  • Azuki beans from the Hokkaido region (Tokachi)
  • Sugar with a 99.9% purity degree
  • Multiple types of flours to match their sweets
  • Glutinous rice from Echigo Chuo Agricultural Cooperative Association
  • Home-roasted soy-bean flour
  • Brown sugar from Okinawa
  • Mirin from Hakusen Sake Brewing Co., Ltd., etc.

The Karintō Manjū is also one of Suehiroan’s specialties.

Before February, it was only available in their brick-and-mortar stores, but due to the current situation, they have started delivering (domestically) as well.

You can now eat it fresh right at your home and enjoy the high-quality taste of the famous Suehiroan Japanese dessert along with some green tea.

The Karintō Manjū arrives frozen, so all you need to do is heat it in a toaster (600 W at 8 minutes) or oven (120°C for 8 minutes). ※Before warming it up, you should remove it from the plastic package. Also, refrain from using the microwave.

Using the toaster-oven, you will get that crispy, delicious texture, and the quality will be the same as if you have purchased it from the store.

Karintō Manjū is a deep-fried bun filled with bean paste. The store also uses brown sugar from Okinawa when making it, so it tastes fantastic!

You can buy it from the Suehiroan Online Store.


  • 12 pieces (6 pieces x 2): 1,440 yen + shipping
  • 18 pieces (6 pieces x 3): 2,160 yen + shipping
  • 30 pieces (6 pieces x 5): 4,100 yen (free shipping)
  • 60 pieces (6 pieces x 10): 7,200 yen (free shipping)
  • 90 pieces (6 pieces x 15): 10,800 yen (free shipping)

Suehiroan Official Website


By - cinnamonellie.