Charles M. Schulz’s comic strip and the Peanuts gang are loved all over the world, and Japan is no exception.

Over the years, there have been exhibitions, events, collaborations featuring the American cartoonist’s characters.

In Tokyo, there is even a museum of the mischievous Snoopy.

The playful beagle is also one of the favorite characters of many people in Japan.

Starting from February 13th to March 14th, six stores, including the Peanuts Café Nakameguro, will have a seasonal menu that will, undoubtedly, bring joy to the Peanuts fans.

The menu is inspired by the love episode of Charlie Brown, the main character of the comic strip, and Snoopy’s owner.

It includes both delicious desserts and beverages, perfect for the cold weather and the two events taking place during this period: Valentine’s Day and White Day.

The ingredients have as base Berry x Chocolate, and below, you can see what options are available on the seasonal menu:

1. Brownie Charles’ Brownie Chocolat / ブラウニー・チャールズのブラウニーショコラ

The chocolate dessert is inspired by Charlie Brown’s love episode when, because of his nervousness, he introduced himself to Peggy Jean as “Brownie Charles”.

The brownie has a delicious mix of whipped cream and sour-sweet cherry compote on top of a fluffy and moist chocolate brownie. The plate is also decorated with chocolate and cherry sauce and has the shape of a heart.

Price: 950 yen (excluding tax)

2. Strawberry whipped hot chocolate / ストロベリーホイップのホットチョコレート

The characters’ beverage is a hot chocolate available for eating inside the store (Left- 750 yen; tax excluded) or Take-out - 700 yen; tax excluded).

The hot drink has a sweet fragrance and plenty of strawberry whipped cream on top.

It also has a Snoopy cookie decoration (only for eat-in) and dried berries.

The menu is available at the following stores:

PEANUTS Cafe Nakameguro (Eat-in / Take-out)

PEANUTS DINER Yokohama (Eat-in / Take-out)

PEANUTS DINER Kobe (Eat-in only)

PEANUTS Cafe Kobe (Take-out only)

PEANUTS Cafe Snoopy Museum (Eat-in / Take-out)

PEANUTS Cafe Nagoya (Eat-in / Take-out)

By - cinnamonellie.