What will you be drinking as you walk under a delicate, pink array of falling cherry blossoms this spring in Japan? Of course, whatever it is, the beautiful sakura will be the main attraction, but for those who love the slew of seasonal products that appear in Japan every spring, there’s a lot to choose from.

Starbucks’ cherry blossom Frappuccino is always a main contender, and this year they’ve paired the cherry blossom taste with a berry twist. If you love bubble tea, Comma Tea have released a suitably pink cherry blossom boba offering.

But, when it comes to presentation, it seems both these competitors have been blown out of the water by Lindt’s spring beverage. The chocolatier’s ‘Sakura Saku’ (cherry blossom bloom) chocolate drink has a perfectly coiffed, green whipped cream peak, which contains actual cherry blossom leaves. If you’ve ever eaten a cherry blossom leaf with your sakura mochi, you’ll know it’s pickled for preservation. This salty taste is the perfect counterbalance for all the sweet chocolate packed in this beverage.

They’ve also used domestically-sourced cherry blossom petals for their sauce, artfully poured over the top. The perfectly formed cherry blossom decoration is made from Lindt’s famous chocolate, and the finishing touch is a sprinkle of sakura crunch. The beverage itself is a blend of white chocolate and two types of cherry.

Lindt are also celebrating the season with various cherry blossom themed gifts.

The sakura chocolate drink is available as a hot or iced beverage, costing 780 yen, and will be on sale until 27th April in branches of Lindt in Japan.

By - Jess.