In July 2020, the Japanese government started charging for plastic bags nationwide.

This measure was put in place to help reduce plastic waste and prevent further escalation of the global climate crisis.

While many people are accustomed to this system and more and more people carry their own shopping bags, there are still cases where customers complain to clerks at checkout.

Cashier’s Surprising Response Calms Frustrated Customer

A bookstore clerk shared an incident at her workplace on Twitter which has drawn a lot of attention.

The clerk was working the cash register when an elderly male customer complained to her.

You charge for plastic bags? If it’s only 3 yen, why don’t you just give it to me for free?!

Normally a cashier would probably simply apologize and insist rules are rules and he has to pay like everyone else.

But this bookstore clerk raised her voice as well and caught the elderly man by surprise.

I really wish I could give it to you for free, but I can’t! It’s so frustrating!

The customer could only reluctantly agree with her and said, “Oh, really. Well it can’t be helped then…” to which he quietly backed off and didn’t complain further.

Users offered words of praise for the clerk

  • How amazing. I want to give you a thousand cushions.
  • First-rate response. This is the best.
  • Maybe it’s better to sympathize with those who are angry at first.
  • Nice! The customer must have been surprised by the unexpected turn of events.

“Books are heavy, and I’d like to put them in a bag for free if I could,” the clerk said with concern.

Her consideration for customers, as well as her honest response to their frustration are both to be applauded!

This article has been published with the permission of the clerk, who wishes to remain anonymous.

By - Mujo.