The rag tag group of Sumikko Gurashi is one of the most highly-merchandised characters to come out of Japanese stationery company, San-X. The brightly-colored and equally cute characters are all easy to fall in love with, so it’s no surprise that they’re fairly popular in Japan.

In most situations, you might spot them in the form of plushies or stationery, but their latest product is something that’ll be more useful in the kitchen. A new Sumikko Gurashi sandwich maker was released this month, and it has a dual purpose of toasting your bread with a print of the characters and also creating waffles shaped just like them.

The sandwich maker is priced at 6,930 yen, and this includes two sets of plates for the sandwich and waffle-making function. It is available in general merchandise stores across Japan. You can view the product specifications in Japanese through the manufacturer’s dedicated website.

By - Jen Santelices.