It’s amazing how quickly pets can pick up habits. If you tell your dog to sit before feeding him, soon he’ll do it automatically. Apparently that’s why this husky jumps in the sink of her own volition after every walk. Her owner made a habit of washing the dog’s feet as soon as they came in.

A well-behaved dog is praise-worthy in itself, but what made this dog go viral after the owner posted photos on Twitter, is her cool-guy pose as she waits to get her paws cleansed.

This husky, called Gau, isn’t the first Japanese animal to go viral for being good-looking, famously a gorilla at Nagoya zoo enjoyed some online fame thanks to his handsome looks.

Gau’s photo received similar praise. Comments under the post say things like:

‘So handsome! The sink looks like the counter at a bar.’

‘She looks completely human! She seems to be poking her head out of a car window and saying “jump in!”’

Although Gau is a female husky, some comments implied that she looks possessed by a cool, older guy that one may meet at a bar.

If you want to see more of Gau’s stunning poses, there’s plenty of material on her owner’s Twitter profile, including adorable puppy videos!

By - Jess.