Of all the cherry blossom-flavoured goods being released this season in Japan (and there is a lot) one could stand out as the sweetest of them all. The ‘Sakurabon’ which is being sold at branches of Cinnabon could be a pretty strong contender. The combination is so inspired, we think it’s fair to reference a completely dead and dated meme for this article’s title.

The seasonal offering is based on Cinnabon’s ‘Minibon Classic’, adding sakura extract and almond to the cream cheese frosting. Pink sakura crunch has been sprinkled generously on the top for that cute ‘fallen cherry blossom petal’ look. They look just as sticky as a usual cinnamon roll, but with pretty pink accents to make them perfect for a spring picnic, or a home-cafe if you'd prefer to stay in.

This sweet, springtime treat is currently being sold in branches of Cinnabon, which can be found in and around Tokyo, Hiroshima, and there’s also a few locations in Kyushu. If you’re not close enough to any of these places, luckily the Sakurabon can also be bought from Cinnabon’s Japanese online store.

But sadly, these cinnamon rolls are just as ephemeral as the cherry blossoms themselves, and will only be around until mid-March.

By - Jess.