Poke-fan’s, we’ve all been there. Gazing at our favorite Pokemon, and so enamoured by its coolness or cuteness that all we can do is clutch our heads in wonder. Until now, short of Poke-poetry, there hasn’t really been a way to express this. Pokemon-master craftsmen of character jewelry, U-Treasure, have just released a Psyduck that perfectly expresses this feeling.

A range of Pokemon are available in U-Treasure’s collection to suit the character of different trainers such as sleepy Snorlax or Jigglypuff, for the karaoke lovers out there. As Psyduck, or “Kodaku” in Japan, is known for ordinarily being stunned by migraines but capable of releasing extraordinary power, this new necklace is perfect for anyone seeking to release their pent up potential.

The necklace comes in 3 types, silver, yellow gold and platinum, and is shaped like the duck type Pokemon in its classic head clutching pose.The yellow gold version in particular uses citrine quartz to bring to life Pysduck’s yellow hue.

Psyduck necklace prices (inc. tax)

  • Silver: 15,000
  • Yellow gold: 99,000
  • Platinum: 110,000

Pre-order your Psyduck necklace from U-Treasure here.

By - Toby M.