Many of our grape Japan readers have seen the cute wagashi Japanese sweets series shaped like popular anime figures or mascot characters known as "Tabemasu." The series, created by Bandai Candy Co., Ltd., is popular for creating artfully designed figurines in the traditional 練り切り nerikiri style. This traditional sweet is created using a white bean paste and mochi dough and it can be easily colored, molded and carved into various shapes.

The lovable robot cat Doraemon is a familiar face in the Tabemasu brand, making numerous appearances since the series began.

But now, for Spring 2021, Doraemon is back with cute new expressions.

There are two new sweets, one with Doraemon making a silly face with his tongue sticking out, maybe about to enjoy some tasty treat at a picnic under the cherry trees, and another one with a relaxed expression with a cherry blossom on his head. You can imagine him standing under the cherry blossoms soaking up the mood.

As for the cream fillings, the first contains a custard flavor and the second has a seasonal sakura flavor.

They not only taste great but they look cute too, making them a photogenic sweet you'll want to share on your social media accounts or simply enjoy with your children.

Product information

  • 食べマスドラえもん2021 カスタード味 / "Tabemasu" Doraemon 2021 Custard flavor: 264 JPY + tax
  • 食べマスドラえもん2021 さくら味 / "Tabemasu" Doraemon 2021 Sakura flavor: 264 JPY + tax
  • Size: about 40 mm in length (excluding package)
  • Release date: Tuesday, March 2, 2021
  • Availability: Scheduled to be sold in the chilled dessert section of LAWSON stores nationwide (excluding Natural Lawson and Lawson Store 100) while supplies last. (Some stores may not carry it).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.