Shortly after 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, Febuary 13, a 7.1 intensity earthquake hit Fukushima and Miyagi Prefectures.

Tremors were felt hundreds of kilometers away in Tokyo, causing widespread power and water outages, and though thankfully there were no deaths, at least 100 people were injured, according to one local news agency.

The shaking was severe enough to cause damage of household goods as they tumbled out of cupboards and were rocked off of shelves, as seen in this video below taken from a third floor building in Fukushima Prefecture.

Surviving the Earthquake

Mr. Naoki Harada (@nao_denha) posted a photo on Twitter after the earthquake struck which has received over 155,000 likes.

Reproduced with permission from マーブルマシンビルダー (@nao_denha)

He posted the photo with a caption saying, “It endured.”

Mr. Harada’s son, Yuki (@Bon_TEBOKUu) designed and built the tower, made up of UNO and playing cards, and completed it in about two and a half hours.

The tower itself is an architectural feat and worthy of praise, but what’s really amazing is that it withstood the earthquake tremors that night!

Where Mr. Harada lives, an intensity 2 earthquake was observed.

However, Yuki decided to demolish the tower himself.

User Reactions

People who saw the post were amazed.

  • It’s amazing that he made this. It withstood an earthquake…!
  • It’s funny that the tower survived the earthquake, but he made it collapse by himself.
  • I thought a card tower would crumble at the slightest vibration! It’s so amazing!

Yuki’s tower surprised many people. It would seem he has a bright future as an engineer.

By - Mujo.