Krispy Kreme’s Japan branches have lots of awesome takes on Japanese flavours and trends capable of making doughnut fans all over the world jealous. From matcha to Chinese New Year themed treats, there’s plenty to choose from.

With Japanese tastes in mind, they debuted the ‘Muchi Mochi’ line in September last year, boasting of a mochi-like texture which gets even softer and chewier when the doughnut is heated up.

The only thing that could make it sound even more appealing to mochi lovers is a seasonal tribute to Japan’s spring. Not only does the ‘Muchi Mochi Sakura’ look as pretty as cherry blossoms with its pink sprinkles and powdered sugar, but it even tastes like sakura. The pink sprinkles are made from sakura chocolate shavings, and the milk cream is also a fragrant sakura flavour. There’s even a sakura sauce which has been used as a doughnut coating.

This cherry blossom delight can only be bought during spring, so it’ll be on the menu from 1st March until late April. Each doughnut will cost 259 yen (or 264 yen for eat in).

If one spring option isn’t enough for you, Krispy Kreme Japan have also announced an adorable spring rabbit at their special ‘premium’ Nagoya branch!

By - Jess.