After the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, Japan’s Tōhoku region is still striving towards recovery. The area has worked especially hard to leverage its plethora of agriculture and aquaculture to spur economic revitalization. Seafood, sake and rice are just some of the high quality produce that Fukushima and its neighboring prefecture are known for. Less well known, perhaps, is Fukushima prefecture’s cultivation of exquisite tomatoes. Though this may be about to change with the release of a beer made from these regional fruits.

The “Wonder Golden Eye” happōshu, or low malt beer, is made from 50% tomato juice. Its refreshing, natural flavor is achieved using tomatoes cultivated in Iwaki City, Fukushima by agricultural company Wonder Farm (see below to learn more).

Wonder Farm has partnered with 東の食の会 Higashi no Shoku no Kai, a Japanese GIA assisting companies in East Japan, to produce the tomato beer and ship it nationwide.

The beer is now available to purchase online, in a box of two or 6. The company will ship to all areas across Japan and customers will receive their healthy booze in a specially designed beer box.

The fresh, rich flavor of tomato blends beautifully with malty beer to make this a beverage that is both nutritious and delicious.

Treat yourself to a box or two right here

About Wonder Farm

Wonder Farm was founded in 2016, when the company began cultivating abandoned land in Fukushima. The company now grows over 1500 tonnes of tomatoes annually, the most in Fukushima. Wonder Farm’s tomatoes are used in a variety of products and collaborations like the tomato happōshu. Wonder Farm also supports the training of young farmers to teach agriculture to young people and organizations.

By - Toby M.