In the same way that Hokkaido Prefecture has the Sapporo Beer Factory, Okinawa has the Orion Beer Factory.

You can find the factory, which is also the largest brewery in the Okinawa Prefecture, in the Orion Happy Park.

On the 24th of February, Orion, in collaboration with Okinawa Morinaga Milk, released the Watta Yoogo Sour, a limited-quantity Chu-Hi.

Chu-hi or Chūhai (チューハイ/ 酎ハイ), is an alcoholic beverage, usually sold as a canned drink, that has its origins in Japan.

Morinaga Yoogo is a local lactic acid beverage only sold in Okinawa, which is also said to be the Okinawans’ soul drink, loved and known by all generations.

The new WATTA Chu-Hi is a new way to enjoy the lactic acid bacteria drink that many Okinawans love.

The new limited beverage is aimed at adults (ALC.3%) and includes the deliciousness of Yoogo, finished with a citrus flavor that gives it a refreshing final touch.

The Watta Chu-hi has a gentle taste and a sweet scent to remind people of Yoogo.

Looking at its design, you can immediately tell it was a collaboration between Orion and Morinaga Yoogo because of the background’s color.

The product is on sale as a 350 ml can- beverage, and you can find more information on the Orion Official Website, where you'll also discover many other unique flavors.

You have the option to purchase Orion products online or sign up for a monthly course that delivers you seasonal-edition gift sets once a month, too.

By - cinnamonellie.