Character bento and characters’ dishes, in general, are very popular in Japan, and the most frequent characters you will spot in the kids' lunch boxes are from Disney.

From 22nd of February, Bandai Candy will release a new lineup of Oblaat (オブラート / oburāto), a thin edible sheet made out of corn starch.

Oblaat is sometimes used to wrap dagashi (cheap snacks and candies in Japan) such as Anpanman Gumi (gummi candies with Anpanman characters), or more traditionally, square caramel-like chewy candies like Bontaname and Kibidango.

These new Oblaat sheets will feature the most recognized Disney characters: Pluto, Mickey, and Minnie Mouse, and it will be on sale nationwide in supermarkets and stores all over Japan.

The product, called Oblaat no Taberato: Disney / オブラートのたべラートディズニー, has characters printed on a 0.03 to 0.05 mm thin layer in edible ink.

The term Taberāto comes from the Japanese verb 食べる taberu, which means to eat.

The idea for the product came from Japanese mothers who felt that complicated characters were difficult to handle or that there they had no time making intricate "character bento" lunches for their kids.

Oblaat no Taberato is sure to make the job easier for parents making such lunches. Moreover, kids will be excited to see their favorite characters when opening their lunch boxes.

You can put rice in the lunch box, cut out the printed area you want to use from the film, and paste it on top. You can also use it with any dish, desserts or appetizers, and it will make your food look more colorful and cute.

It can also be a fun activity for parents and children when cooking together.

Oblaat Taberato: Disney comes in patterns (each has one sheet included), and it costs 297 yen (tax included).

For more information, you can check out Bandai Candy's Official Website.

By - cinnamonellie.