Ikebukuro West Gate Park, also abbreviated as IWGP, was released last year during the fall season and was arguably one of the most exciting of 2020's new anime series.

The plot revolves around street gangs, and it has plenty of action, gangsters, mysteries, detective work, and friendship.

Starting from February, you can participate in an online lottery organized by Kadokawa in which you can win goods featuring the characters of IWGP.

The characters who will appear on the merchandise are Makoto, Takashi, Kyōichi, Hiroto, and Isogai.

For those active on social media, you’ll be glad to know that there is also a Twitter campaign, through which you can have the chance of winning a shikishi panel with the entire cast’s signatures!


The Ikebukuro West Gate Park Lottery will include the following prizes:

Prize S: Life-size poster (5 types in total; you are free to choose)

Prize A: Team Logo Shoulder Bag (4 types)

Prize B: Acrylic standing figures (5 available types)

Prize C: Mini Shikishi Panels (10 options)

Prize D: 75 mm badges (10 in total)

For those interested, you can also learn more about IWGP and other of my recommendations for recent anime here.

What is Kujibiki-dō (くじ引き堂) and how does it work?

Kujibikidō is an online lottery system where you can win original and limited-edition goods.

You will need to buy a 715-yen (tax included) lottery ticket (the shipping fee is separate) from the Lottery page, and you get the chance to win one of the prizes mentioned above.

The online lottery will last until Wednesday, 10th of March,2021, and you can easily access the website from either your phone or PC.

Double chance campaign

If you purchased a ticket, you also have the chance of winning the Prize D Metal Badge Set. The Double chance campaign is limited to only ten people, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll get notified on the spot.

Twitter Campaign

To participate in the Twitter campaign, you will need to follow the Kujibikido Official Twitter Account (@kujibikido) and retweet the lottery tweets during the campaign.


The lucky winners will get the handwritten signatures of Kumagai Kentarō (Makoto’s seiyū), Uchiyama Kōki (Takashi’s seiyū), and Tsuchida Reiō (Kyōichi’s seiyū).

For more information or to purchase the ticket, check out the lottery’s official website or Twitter page linked below:

By - cinnamonellie.