In Japan there’s always an abundance of themed cafes based on animated works, and considering they’re usually temporary, sometimes you’re lucky enough to catch your favourite characters in food form. Not only does this include Japanese anime and video games, but you can even find tributes to cartoons like Disney movies and others.

A cafe coming to some major Japanese cities next month celebrates a classic cartoon’s 80th anniversary. Tom and Jerry is instantly recognisable and the frenemies are starring in an original menu in various awesomely presented dishes.

Cheese, Jerry’s favourite snack, is a recurring motif in the main dishes, like the ‘Bread Pot Cheese Curry’ which has the mouse character hiding under the bread lid.

There’s also an omelette rice shaped like a chunk of cheese with a warm clam chowder on the side.

The cheese fries have a reference to the silly, slapstick humour of the animation with Tom shown trapped in a glass.

But when it comes to the desserts, they're all extra cute, like this mouse-shaped waffle for example.

And the sundaes are adorable, with the cherry on top giving a cartoonish and retro vibe.

Both Tom and Jerry are on offer.

There's a range of hot drinks to warm up with, and super fans can even pay extra to take home their own original Tom and Jerry Cafe design mug.

If you'd prefer a cold drink you can pick your favourite character.

Of course, no themed cafe in Japan is complete without an abundance of merchandise with original designs to commemorate your trip to the eatery.

The cafe will be appearing in Tokyo (Harajuku) from 4th March to 9th May, Nagoya from 4th March to 4th April, Osaka (Shinsaibashi) from 5th March to 11th April, and Okinawa (Naha) from 4th March to 11th April. Check out the website for the full menu and to make a reservation!

By - Jess.