With the ongoing pandemic, many schools and universities have postponed and canceled large events in order to avoid crowds. Naturally, graduation ceremonies qualify as such, with students crowding into lecture halls or auditoriums.

But rather than cancel the graduation ceremony, Hannan University and Hannan University Senior High School (located in Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture) have opened "Hannan University Island" in the Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing: New Horizon in order to provide graduates with a place to create memories and interact with other graduates.

The institutions have created a public island where the buildings and premises have been reproduced and will distribute school-related clothing designs for users to wear. Moreover, they will hold an event (opening the gate to the island) where graduates can interact with each other.

Parts of the school grounds have been recreated in three different areas within "Hanan University Island" Yume Banchi: the university area, the high school area, and the ceremony area.

University Area

Building #3 Terrace | © Kyodo News PR Wire

Schoolyard | © Kyodo News PR Wire

High School Area

Classroom | © Kyodo News PR Wire

Cafeteria | © Kyodo News PR Wire

Ceremony Area

Ceremony Area | © Kyodo News PR Wire

11 types of designs related to Hannan University and Hannan University Senior High School, including T-shirts with logos, university soccer team uniforms, and high school uniforms will be available.

University designs | © Kyodo News PR Wire

Sr. HS designs | © Kyodo News PR Wire

You can find out more about the events on the Twitter accounts of Hannan University and Hannan University Senior High School.

By - Ben K.