Japanese comedian Makoto Shimizu (@pentachansp) of the comedy duo Kyu posted a photo of himself eating on Twitter.

It received a response from over 160,000 people.

Mr. Shimizu was about to dig into a bowl of ramen at home when he felt someone’s eyes on him.

In the privacy of his own home… who could be watching? (click on the Tweet to see the whole picture)

As I’m eating, it’s peaking at me from below…

It’s Mr. Shimizu’s baby!

Attracted by the tantalizing smell, the baby gazes up at dad with innocent eyes… hoping to get some of those delicious noodles.

People who saw the post said, “I thought it’d be a cat, but it was a baby!

...and “I laughed so hard I was shaking. That kid’s great!”

Mr. Shimizu’s post brought a smile to a great many people.

But of course he’s good at that. It’s his job after all.

Check out his comedy duo’s YouTube Channel for more laughs.

By - Mujo.