‘W-Junji's Back Alley’ is a collaboration between world-famous horror manga artist Junji Ito and master ghost storyteller Junji Inagawa. Original merchandise from 'W-Junji's Back Alley' is now on sale at the Graveyard Gallery in Nakano and via their online store.

The Graveyard Gallery in Nakano is run by Crazy Bump Co., Ltd., which has earned a reputation for its special exhibitions of manga and anime. Since launching, it has quickly become a beacon for aficionados of Tokyo’s manga subculture.

‘W-Junji’s Back Alley’ is the oxygen-starved lovechild of the W-Junji Horror Reading Session, a live reading event that started as a crowdfunding event in the summer of 2020. The artists read their story ‘Back Alley’ at the event, and their readings were filmed and distributed on YouTube.

‘Back Alley’ is an intensely creepy story that starts with “the humanoid stain” that emerges on the wall of an ordinary students’ boarding house. The reader is warned that, “the secret of the stain should not be investigated and will never be known.” Mum’s the word, eh lads!

Original ‘Back Alley’ goods are available from the Graveyard Gallery from February 19th until March 1st. A dedicated sales corner has been created, so fans of W-Junjis should take a trip down to Nakano Broadway as soon as possible unless they want to miss out on the action.

Among the other felicitous offerings to be had are these Tote bags, a snip at ¥3,500 (excluding tax). Clear files cost ¥500 (excluding tax).

Fans of the Two Junjis work will be excited to learn that they can also buy an original print of their artwork for just ¥20,000 (excluding tax).

In addition, there is a T-shirt featuring artwork from Junji Ito’s ‘Amabie’. They come in all the usual sizes and cost ¥4,000 (excluding tax).

Fans can watch the W-Junji Horror Reading Session here.

The official J Horror website is here

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Admission to Graveyard Gallery is free. The gallery is open all year round, on weekdays 12:00 to 20:00, and at weekends and holidays 11:00 to 20:00.

You’ll find it at 5-52-15 Nakano Broadway 3F, Nakano-ku, Tokyo. For more details, call 03-5318-9221

All ‘Back Alley’ merchandising is also available from the online store here.

By - George Lloyd.