Spiritual guru and YouTuber mimineko opened an accessory shop she branded ANGELICA in June 2020. Since ANGELICA opened, the influencer keeps fans abreast of developments and product releases. As such, whenever she adds new products, they tend to sell out right away. For the uninitiated, ANGELICA offers rings, bracelets, necklaces, candles, power-stones, earings, and so on.

Check out this recent announcement by the shop:

"Thank you for waiting! ANGELICA has restocked and begun offering new products on sale today. We are excited to begin offering lavender amethyst bracelets and amethyst necklaces available in cute colors. We have also restocked the popular Hory Drops ring. Please come and experience the mysterious world of power stones."

The color of the rings are vivid and striking—the almost look like candy. These power stones offer attributes such as love, good luck, health, warding off evil spirits and so on. mimineko believes power stones can only help wearers who have decided to be happy. So, it's up to you whether these power stones can offer you support.

mimineko also posted this on her Instagram:

"Restocked and added new products on sale from today. London blue topaz bracelet, Moldavite heart and teardrop necklace, and rings that are perfect for the summer are available! The ring is a fork ring that can be bent and stretched. It can be worn by anyone regardless of their finger size. I recommend wrapping it around your finger or combining rings. We also have beautiful fluorites available. If you are interested, please visit our website."

Her followers reacted to the recent additions:

  • "Oh, all of your accessories are amazing!! The morganite + aquamarine ring is already sold out. I'm looking forward to seeing it on sale again in the future! I want it to come to my house next time.”
  • “I've always wanted a ring! I'm excited.”
  • “Fluorite is too beautiful! And I noticed it is already sold out. Lol.”
  • “They are so cute.”
  • “It's very beautiful! I'm disappointed that the ring was sold out, so I would like to buy a bracelet instead.”
  • “The fluorite is so beautiful.”
  • "I noticed too late... I want to get the ring next time!”

As I mentioned, ANGELICA’s accessories sell like hotcakes! Clearly, the accessories and beautiful power stones offered by mimineko fascinate her customers.

Customer opinions

Mimineko retweeted her customers’ reactions to her accessories on Twitter:

"A cute bracelet just arrived from mimineko's shop ANGELICA! I was wondering which one to choose and decided to buy them both. They are slender and more delicate than I expected. They are so cute, and I'm so glad!! I'm so happy."

"It's beautiful, and I want to stare at it all the time. Is there a power stone in the omamori? It makes a clicking sound when I shake it. I got a second positive fortune reading for this year. Each one is carefully packaged and cute. Thank you so much!"

omamori are Japanese amulets commonly sold at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples dedicated to particular Shinto gods and Buddhist figures. They are believed to provide various forms of luck or protection. As you can see, ANGELICA offers omamori in New Year’s packages which are also popular with customers.

If you'd like to see more of ANGELICA's accessories or order them yourself, please go to the official website. Also, I strongly recommend interested customers follow her Instagram or Twitter where she provides updates about new products and the like. mimineko’s YouTube channel is also popular with more than 100,000 subscribers, so check it out too.

By - Luke Mahoney.

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