As we’ve covered before, there are many great artists on Instagram. Many try to be as aesthetic and chic as possible, while others occassionally take an alternative approach to catch a viewer's eye. Instagrammer madsaki is well-known for colorful portraits interrupted by black tears and bloody noses. Also, he's created graffiti-inspired pieces around bold statements like “SPIRITUALLY F---ING BANKRUPT.” Sure enough, his street art style is gathering attention from people all over the world.

This tragic painting expresses the sense of guilt in an angel figure. This dark side of an angel captivated many viewers:

Viewers responded:

  • “A classic! I love it!”
  • “Oh my god. It’s amazing.”
  • “Here before this is in the history books”
  • “It’s so sick… Wow.”
  • “It’s masterpiece”

He also posted this popular painting:

"January 17 1991. Operation Desert Storm. President George HW Bush announcement."

His style of drawing Bush is interesting. Everything about those turbulent times seems to be summed up in this one painting.

It makes sense that madsaki would remember the occasion. The artist grew up in America and graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York. I'm wondering what he thinks now, looking back on that event and those times.

His followers reacted:

  • “This is 100% one of my new favorites”
  • “That is freakin dope!!”
  • "So nice! A cartoon in this style would be so wicked... and a massive undertaking."
  • “Television rules the nation!”
  • “Big fan of your art. Beautiful work as always.”
  • “George Bush and his many faces...”
  • “Dude you just keep topping yourself. This one is fantastic.”

More paintings by madsaki

"wip wip wip"

As you know, this is the ex-Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. This unique depiction makes a direct and simple appeal to viewers while relying only on a few prominent features. What do you feel?

Followers reacted:

  • “Holy Crap!!!!!”
  • “Do Trump next”
  • “Holy cow. Lol”

madsaki used this piece as his profile picture:

"(GOODFELLAS 1990) Oh I like this one... One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, and this guy's sayin', 'Whadda ya want from me?'"

This work is from the movie Goodfellas, and I personally like it. I’m not alone:

  • “Please make this a print I can buy.”
  • “This is the best”
  • “Looks like somebody we know.”

The picture has a feeling of sadness. It’s simultaneously like the beginning of the world and also the end of the world. I can even imagine the scent of grass.

There are other characters you may recognize on the grass:

"Rock 'N Roll McDonald's"

As some of you may know, the caption is from a song by Wesley Willis, an American punk rocker who passed away in 2003. He recorded the iconic song “Rock and Roll McDonalds.” Many people caught the reference and reacted:

  • “RIP Wesley Willis.”
  • “Great spot, great song.”
  • “Perfect caption for this piece.”
  • “I love this!”
  • “This is great!”
  • “I heard the band broke up cause the Burglar WENT PUNK!!!!”
  • “This is fucking amazing.”

If you'd like to see more of madsaki’s work, you can follow the artist on Instagram. Enjoy!

By - Luke Mahoney.