Japan’s official Kirby Cafes are home to some of the cutest menu items inspired by everyone’s favourite round, pink hero. This spring they’re even releasing some adorable Kirby sushi lunch boxes perfect for Hanami picnics, and now ‘Kirby Cafe the Store’ have revealed the perfect takeout drinks for the season.

‘Kirby Cafe the Store’ is adjacent to the Kirby Cafe, and sells awesome Kirby goods to visiting fans. These drinks are takeout only and will be sold at the store rather than the cafe.

The adorable beverages come with a super cute Kirby attached to the straw, which makes it seem like the character is drinking it right along with you. Each one is inspired by a different level from the video games as shown through the colours and flavours.

There’s one inspired by the Rainbow Resort made of lemonade, grape jelly and pineapple. At the bottom of the beverage is star shaped Nata de coco to add to the Kirby motifs.

The next drink signals a return to the Grass Land with white grape juice, pink grapefruit, star shaped Nata de coco and melon jelly.

With a black tea base, pink Nata de coco, passionfruit and lemon jelly, you can travel to Friendly Field.

Lastly, there’s a nod to Bubbly Clouds in a beverage with a yoghurt flavour, blue Nata de coco and mango to represent Kracko’s beams.

Each drink costs 980 yen and they will appear from 12th March at Kirby Cafe the Store which can be found in Tokyo Solamachi.

By - Jess.