ShioyaTeruko (@shiochin) is mother of a 9 year-old daughter, living with 2 year-old Kurosuke, a black cat.

One late afternoon, her daughter and Kurosuke were playing a tag together in the house. She could hear them playing from afar, but then, suddenly it became quiet. She thought something was odd about it, so went to check on them.

"Late afternoon, my daughter and the cat were playing tag in the house, making lots of noises together, and then it all got quiet all of a sudden. I went to check on them and this is what I saw…"

The daughter had buried her face on Kurosuke’s soft, fluffy tummy, smelling his cat scent… an act widely known as “Neko (cat) Sui (inhale)” among us, cat lovers.

The act of smelling our cat by burying face on cat’s head or their body, aka “Neko Sui” is an odd habit that we, cat lovers, cannot help doing to our beloved cats. (To be fair,they look so cute, soft and fluffy!)

Kurosuke seems a bit inconvenienced being unable to move while he had his sister’s face planted onto his belly, although he also seems to be accepting of his sister’s odd way of showing her affection, too.

There were many comments to this post from other fellow cat lovers:

I can SO relate! I can’t help it when you see that fluffiness on them!

I’m so jealous… It’s making me want to do some good deep “inhalation”, too. It has been a while!

This made me laugh! What a perfect form of “Neko Sui”!

I chuckled for the subtle expression in Kurosuke!

It is such a cute picture, but then you can also see Kurosuke’s confused expression, too. This authentic love between those two, surely brought smiles to many people!

By - Mugi.