teamLab’s innovative and immersive works are known to art lovers all over the world and they’ve brought their creative mix of digital art and physical spaces to many historic sites in Japan. One place they can be found is Kyushu’s Mifuneyama Rakuen Park, a forest which is dotted with various ruins and even an abandoned bath house.

Their large scale exhibition brings awesome art pieces to the various spots around the park, and now you can even enjoy some special tea while appreciating the installations. teamLab has teamed up with the Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel to bring a sauna and tea house experience to the visitors.

The special tea comes from a brand called En Tea which is grown in Hizen. Their ‘Geccha’ tea (moon tea) is a type of tamaryokucha, a Japanese green tea similar to gunpowder tea. It’s rich in theanine and is steamed at a low temperature to reduce the caffeine content.

An installation of teamLab’s ‘resonating lamps’ is hanging above the tea house.

The tea can be found at the En Tea House inside the hotel lobby. Tickets for just the art exhibitions and not the sauna and tea house are also available.

Check out the teamLab website for more information about this awesome exhibition.

By - Jess.