We all know how it goes. You go out to buy your favourite treat and before you know it you’ve already got home and gobbled up the whole thing.

But one Japanese cat owner, after eating her bread, looked over to realise it had magically replenished itself, and come back even more white and soft than before.

Source: @lady__05

The tweet’s caption reads, ‘The fresh bread I thought I’d eaten replaced itself.’

The writing on the paper bag claims that this is some luxury, high quality bread and judging by what we can see, we have to agree with this assessment. Comments under the photo read:

‘What white, fluffy, cute bread!’

‘Your bread came back even fluffier than before! I wish I could smell it!’

The owner actually has many cats, and after the success of this photo she shared with us that bread isn’t the only thing her cats can turn into. Sometimes they’re doughnuts too.

If you want to see more adorable cat photos, you can fill your eyes with healing kitties over on the owner’s Twitter page!

By - Jess.