Ministop is a konbini (convenience store) chain in Japan, well-known for its seasonal fruits’ parfaits and delicious desserts.

There is always an exclusive item on the menu, and many times you can see "soft cream" (ソフトクリーム / sofutokurīmu, which is the Japanese term for soft served ice cream), parfaits, ice-cream, and sweets on the limited-edition items’ list.

Starting from Friday, 26th of February, they added another two seasonal fruit desserts that use white peaches as ingredients.

The new additions are Kanjuku Hakutō Pafe / 完熟白桃パフェ (literally translated as "Ripe White Peach Parfait"), and Tappuri Hakutō Pafe / たっぷり白桃パフェ ("Plenty of White Peach" Parfait).

Both have vanilla-flavored soft serve ice cream, a generous topping of white peaches, and a white peach sauce to further enhance the flavor.

The Ripe White Peach Parfait uses big riped peaches, which makes it much juicier and sweeter.

It costs 348 yen (375 yen, with tax) and has around 173 kcal.

On the other hand, the Plenty of white peach parfait is a bit more luxurious and uses twice as much white peach pulp.

You can buy it for 518 yen (559 yen with tax), and it has approximately 280 kcal.

The three ingredients are in perfect harmony, and I believe that both the parfaits are an irresistible treat for those who love sweets, and of course, peaches.

The spring desserts are available nationwide at any Ministop store.

You can see more information on the Ministop Official Website.

By - cinnamonellie.