Kaede (@yukicoco4) is a mother of a young boy. She posted two photos of her son on Twitter, and they are getting some viral attention.

The photos are of him wearing his puffy jacket in a very unique and trendy way.

With a caption; “Take a look at my son being trendy in his down jacket”, the photos were posted. Take a good look!

Well, how cool is that?! At the first glance, it looks like he is wearing a fancy brand-name jacket… but if you take a closer look…

Who would have thought, he wore his dawn jacket upside down, and he is totally rocking it. The photos went viral, and received 260k “likes” and many positive feedbacks!

How cool! I hope he won’t lose his creativity and free-spirit even when he grows up!

He looks so adorable. It almost looks like one of characters from the movie, “Toy Story”!

I laughed, but then when I looked at it again, it actually looked very fashionable!

His unique way of wearing his jacket and enjoying his own fashion style is very refreshing to see in such a young boy! Perhaps, to be trendy and fashionable means to be willing to constantly explore new styles! What do you think?

By - Mugi.