If you love Leiji Matsumoto's classic series Galaxy Express 999 and particularly if you're a fan of the intergalactic locomotive's beautiful guide Maetel (and you're old enough to drink), you may be interested in a new premium craft beer offered by Helios Brewery Co.

Galaxy Express 999 Maetel Weizen

"Galaxy Express 999 Maetel Weizen" (350ml can) goes on sale nationwide on Monday, March 1, 2021 on Helios' official online store

"Galaxy Express 999: Maetel Weizen" is the first product in a new Galaxy Express 999 series of premium craft beers, which will be developed as a new brand of Sawauchi Brewery in Iwate Prefecture, which Helios acquired in 2020. The beer will also be sold in 300ml bottles from December 2021.

This is an elegant and rich-tasting weizen inspired by Maetel. A completely new illustration of a Maetel in her iconic outfit, smiling while holding a glass of Weizen was commissioned and produced by Toei Animation. Maetel Weizen is made with more than 50% wheat malt and natural water from the Ōu Mountains, and it has a mild and elegant taste.

Drink and compare set

Helios also sells a "Blue Sky and Sea Beer," a weizen made at their headquarters, and brewed with the famous waters from the foothills of Mt. Masuda in Nago City, Okinawa. You can purchase as set combining Blue Sky and Sea Beer and Maetel Weizen.

Original carton

If you purchase 24 cans, they'll be delivered in a carton with an original Maetel design.

Orders yours online here and get ready to take a never ending journey to the stars ... or wherever else you're headed...

By - Ben K.