As of February 4, 2021, a state of emergency has been declared in Japan in 11 prefectures due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.

At a time when people are reluctant to go out unnecessarily, many people are turning to "feel-good" purchases to stay in good spirits and enjoy their lives.

The pandemic has given us more ways to treat ourselves. Inc., a snack subscription service, conducted an independent survey on such "feel-good" purchases. The results showed that they had increased from 1,000 to 2,000 yen per month before the spread of the novel coronavirus infection to 10,000 to 30,000 yen afterward.

Out of 577 people surveyed., the spending category which increased the most (38% in the survey) was sweets, snacks, and other treats, with other categories such as lunch (10%), hobbies (10%), games (8%), dinner (6%), bath salts (6%) and so on trailing far behind.

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As we can no longer travel or eat out easily, it's important to savor the small pleasures of life.

That's where comes in

© Inc. delivers healthy snacks made with all-natural ingredients to your mailbox as a subscription service. Each box contains eight snacks out of a possible selection of over 100 varieties and costs 1,980 JPY per box including tax and shipping (within Japan). You can choose to have them sent to you once every two weeks or once a month.

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To begin, learns about your favorite snack preferences with a one-minute questionnaire called "Snack Diagnosis."

After the first time, you can continue fine-tuning your preferences by giving feedback, resulting in different snacks more customized to your liking in the next box you receive.

Since prepares new kinds of snacks every month, users can enjoy discovering new things they have never eaten before.

In addition to providing the perfect snack for each user in their subscription plan, sells snacks according to seven different profiles you can choose from:

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  • ぴったりme / Pittari me: Exactly to your liking
  • いろいろme / Iroriro me: Various kinds
  • わくわくme / Wakuwaku me: The excitement of surprise
  • はっけんme / Hakken me: Discover new ways of eating, new varieties of snacks
  • あんしんme / Anshin me: Health first for peace of mind
  • おいしいme / Oishii me: Enjoy delicious regional snacks
  • らくちんme / Rakuchin me: Get your snacks in a subscripton plan

The pandemic has made life tough, so why not treat yourself to

If you're interested in the subscription service, visit their website here:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.