It's been difficult to get out and about during the pandemic. Travel-oriented businesses have certainly noticed, and many are hurting. However, some are arranging creative ways to attract visitors who may not be willing to spring for a typical vacation.

Hotel New Otani Tokyo and famous pajama brand gelato pique recently announced a collaboration. Working together, the two companies devised a thematic hotel stay in a dreamy strawberry-themed room. The room is decorated with new gelato pique products, and, surprisingly, customers aren't expected to leave empty-handed. Visitors can enjoy wearing the brand's pajamas and take them home after their stay. The room is also furnished with other strawberry-themed items like strawberry-scented hand-cream, slippers, scrunchies, etc that can also be considered souvenirs.

The room has strawberry throw pillows and a photoshoot area. Also, the service includes strawberry sweets, tea, and champagne. This offer is limited-time only, so interested visitors must hurry.

The low-down

Bookings are available until Wednesday, March 31, 2021. A stay will cost 48,000 JPY per room, including breakfast, 64,000 JPY with an Afternoon tea set. A strawberry pyramid and champagne can be included raising the price to 68,000 JPY. The price is for two people and includes tax.

The address is: Hotel New Otani Tokyo 4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

For reservations and inquiries, you can call 03-3234-5678.

Gelato pique incorporates a theme into every season. In light of Valentine’s Day and White Day, strawberries were chosen as the current theme. You can see how the brand has incorporated it below:

Strawberry motif 3 points SET (single) 10,800 JPY + tax
Set includes comforter cover, box sheets, pillowcase in beige or off-white

Strawberry satin shirt 6,200 JPY + tax
Strawberry satin long pants 6,200 JPY + tax
Room shoes 3,400 JPY + tax

Strawberry pouch 3,000 JPY + tax (right photo)
Strawberry tissue pouch 2,400 JPY + tax (left photo)

Strawberry scrunchie 1,800 JPY + tax each

Strawberry mirror 2,600 JPY + tax

Souffle' Nep Shorts 4,400 JPY + tax
Micro Modal Camisole 4,400 JPY tax

Twitter reaction

Twitter users reacted to this sweet lineup:

"I could buy a strawberry scrunchie at the store! I'm so happy because I've always wanted it. The size of the scrunchie is adorable!! I love it!"

"gelato pique's strawberry-patterned bed cover is really really cute ...I didn't have the energy to change the duvet cover, so I'll do it on my day off ..."

"I want to stay at the hotel where I can get strawberry designed gelato pique pajamas..."

"Hey, looook!! Look at his gelato pique's strawberry cushion! I've been looking for a strawberry cushion and I'm so glad to have found it"

"This is gelato pique's strawberry motif Valentine series. The mug and hand towels are just cute … I bought it as a birthday present for myself."

Gelato pique fans seem to be excited about the strawberry line-up. If fans are going to be stuck at home for a few more months, they might as well be comfortable and happy. I'm sure many will be interested in these products and services.

By - Luke Mahoney.