Little by little, signs that spring is near are increasing all around us. And after such a stressful winter, it couldn’t come soon enough.

Nonetheless, it seems that humans aren’t the only ones excited after enduring a difficult season. It turns that not only humans enjoy sporting a new spring look...

See for yourself. Recently, Twitter user qee (@qee_913) posted this aww-inspiring video of her hamster:

“Pick out a cute one today!”

There are eight spring-time dresses to select from, and he chooses a pink one with small flowers( and, yes, he is a boy). Have to admit it’s looks pretty good on him! More than 150,000 people liked this video. Fans reacted:

  • “I imagine him saying, ‘Hmm which one should I chose today?’ There’s quite a selection!”
  • “This may be the first time I thought something was so cute from the bottom of my heart.”
  • “It looks good on him.”
  • “Your hamster is so cute and smart.”
  • “Watching this makes me miss my hammy even more. She died a few years ago... and so did some of my happiness...”
  • “It’s too cute, and I almost cried.”

One comment made me laugh a lot:

“I choose my clothes like Kuu-Chan”

@Platthasi did the same thing with her stuffed toy. It seems qee’s hamster may have inspired others to get ready for spring.

Another day...

Another day, qee’s hamster was again wondering which dress to wear:

“He changedclothes and fell asleep”

This time, he chose a yellow outfit—I guess it suits his mood. However, after he finished dressing he immediately fell asleep.

Pokemon Hamster

Unsurprisingly, qee’s hamster is trending on Twitter again:

“I got him! He doesn’t come out because he seems he likes it”

So, the hamster chooses outfits, but qee chooses him. Awww….

“Before and after entering the pokeball. It seems it’s quite relaxing.”

More than 20,000 people liked this post. They reacted:

  • “He seems he’d never fight with another Pokemon.”
  • “He went in the monster ball by himself instead of you trying hard to catch him. Lol. He’s so cute.”
  • “I've never seen this Pokemon. You should ask Dr. Oak about it.”
  • “Where can I see this Pokemon?”
  • “I need you.”
  • “What a cute Pokemon.”

Another fluffy pet

Just because these fluffy guys are so adorable, here is one for the road:

“Today’s massage

Kintaro (@k_i_n_t_a_r_o_u) tweeted this video of her zebra finch receiving a massage. He looks so relaxed he could fall asleep… Many people reacted about this video:

  • “I need this every Monday”
  • “He’s too cute... He looks comfortable.”
  • “Soooo cute~ I was thinking if my cat can be a bird, it would be like this.”
  • “So fluffy and cute! Such a loving moment!”
  • “What a cute bird he is. Those round orange cheeks are ridiculously cute.”
  • “How I should be treated”
  • “This is the most relaxing thing I've watched all day”

Kintaro also posted this video:

“I’m so happy.”

Naturally, petting a fluffy pet does wonders for your stress and anxiety. Indeed, animals are not only cute but they can literally heal people who are stressed out. Fortunately, a few thoughtful Twitter users have made the time to share the love and post these cute videos.

By - Luke Mahoney.